The Simple Way To Playing Drum Easily Only A Day

The Simple Way To Playing Drum Easily Only A Day

Playing drums is not the same as other musical instruments. Like the guitar, piano, and saxophone too. Because in playing the drum requires an instinct to knock, where we hit the drum can be in harmony or in tune with the tone of the music we play. Different if in other musical instruments, such as guitar, in the guitar still need a grip or note-notes, of course someone who wants to play guitar properly and correctly, must be private first, and must master the grip or chord. Because if we cannot master the technique of the instrument, it is impossible for the instrument to make a rhythmic and melodious sound when heard, so if you need best Audio Mastering Studio, you should check this out. Therefore we stick to some principles to be able to learn basic drum techniques, so that we can play drums properly.

Technique of Holding Stick and Hitting Drum

For the first time the basic drum technique that we need to know is the technique of holding a stick and hitting the drum, starting from how to hold the drum stick and until we hit the drum, and even then there is a separate technique. Not that we should be free to hit the drums that are already in front of our eyes, but the technique of hitting the drum is also based on instincts and feelings of the heart. Do not arrive at our time when there are problems, directly on the lamp to the drum. There we play the irregular drum and can suffer damage to the drum.

Stepping on the Drum Pedals and Hi-hat

In the basic drum technique, stepping on a drum pedal and hi-hat there are 2 methods or methods that we can apply to get maximum sound results:

Pedal Technique Using the Toe Tip

This technique is very effective when used with fast tempo songs, because the power of the sura produced with this technique is harder. This technique is also very good for beginners, because the resulting tone is also clearer. Likewise with hi-hat, we will also find it easier to adjust the hi-hat tempo when using this technique.

Flat Pedal Technique

The following technique can produce a sound that is not too loud, because the position of the feet will be attached to the drum pedal. This technique we usually use in casual songs or mellow.

So, that was the simple tricks to play drum easily. Make sure you learning every day for best result. Thanks for reading this article and let’s try it.