Best Ukraine Destinations That Need To Visit It In 2020

Best Ukraine Destinations That Need To Visit It In 2020

Traveling around the world feels interesting and exciting. One of the interesting parts of the world is Europe, a source of uniqueness and beauty that might be the right recommendation to visit for those of you with more financial readiness. You can visit all corners of Europe, but don’t forget to traveling to Ukraine. Why? So you know that not only Germany and France have romantic and artistic places that can spoil our eyes. And not only Austria and his friends who have magnificent ancient buildings. Ukraine has exciting places below.


Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, is a tourist destination of Ukraine filled with golden dome churches. The golden dome of extraordinary churches, long and rich history, aclectic architecture and never-ending city life make Kiev the perfect place for all tourists visiting Ukraine.

Kiev is one of the most prominent cities in Eastern Europe with its exotic views including the two UNESCO World Heritage sites in Kiev, Pechersk Lavra (Cave Monastery) and the Cathedral of St. Sophia Also in this city is the Descent Andriyivskyy – steep and historic streets paved with rocks and stunning Art Nouveau-style houses full of gargoyles with Chimaeras.

Ski Resort Bukovel

Visiting Ukraine in winter has many advantages, which can be more efficient because of the low season, plane tickets can be cheaper and you can also visit the ski resort. One of the most well-known ski resorts in Ukraine is Ski Resort Bukovel. This is a beautiful resort with the best slopes, stunning nature, comfortable hotels, many restaurants with traditional Ukrainian and European cuisine and of course, a health center and spa. You can also find winter activities like skating, sledges or even quadrocycling here.


As one of the largest sea and trade ports in Ukraine with a beautiful historic district, Odessa has many treasures waiting to be discovered. The central part of the city is full of beautiful views, while architecture lovers can admire the beautiful palace with a unique blend of building styles. Odessa also offers a beautiful panorama of the Black Sea Coast which offers lots of interesting entertainment day and night.

Apart from the various destinations above, Ukraine still has a lot of amazing tourist spots. Starting from exotic natural attractions, artistic old buildings, and other romantic parks. If you want to go there, don’t forget to prepare your health and finances and don’t miss the three best destinations above so you can enjoy your trip to Ukraine happily.