3 Destinations To Witness A Volcano

Volcano’s are vital to the world’s life force, eco-system and plays a major role for life on Earth, even though at times may erupt in disaster.
The world is full of natural wonder, beauty and mystery. Volcano’s are of course a big part of this and are some of most amazing natural wonders to travel and explore.
Personally I love to encompass nature into my travels which places such as national parks, mountains, the snow, marine sanctuaries and virtually anything to do with wildlife.
Volcano’s are spread out throughout the world and include fantastic travelling destinations which include places like Iceland, Italy, Costa Rica, Hawaii, New Zealand and many others.
For the 3 best destinations to witness a volcano our first had to come from the 7 Natural Wonders of the World, Paricutin Volcano.
The Paricutin Volcano is located in Mexico, in the state Michoacan and forms pat of the famous Ring of Fire.
What makes this volcano so special is that it is one of the Earth’s youngest volcano’s to be formed, growing out of a cornfield. Early enough that it was witnessed, studied and documented by humans.
Hiking trips up the volcano is possible but the 19 kilometres (12 miles) of trekking up hill does require at least moderate fitness levels. Thankfully the government also decided to add horse back tours up the ascent as well.
Next our list is Hawaii’s Volcano National Park located on the Big Island. Here there are two major volcano’s which are known as Muana Loa and Kilauea. Muana Loa being the taller of the two above sea level.
The area is covered in hardened ash and many tours operate within the park to witness the volcano’s as well to the coastline where steam rising high above where the lava meets the water.
Tours can either stay on the Big Island of Hawaii or just take a day trip from Maui or Honolulu. These flights over to the Big Island depart very early from the airport and arrive back quite late so be ready for a full day of adventure.
Lastly we have Sicily’s Mt Etna a place believe to be where Zeus trapped the ‘Father of all Monsters’; Typhon. It is the largest active volcano in Europe standing at a height of 3,329 metres (10,922 feet) high however this number changes which each eruption.
The volcano constantly has activity going on but this too has its benefits; providing rich fertile soil and supports agriculture in the area.
For tourist there are a number of climbing routes up to the craters as well as a cable car to take to the crater. For a more pleasant, relaxing trip you could also take the Round Etna Railway.
There are also two ski resorts at Mt Etna. The largest of which being at Sapienza Refuge, which is a popular site for hikers too and the smaller ski resort on the north known as Piano Provenzana.

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