A Different Kind Of Adventure- Top Things To Do In El Nido

A Different Kind Of Adventure- Top Things To Do In El Nido

El Nido offers a different kind of adventure, as it is not just about spending time at secluded beaches. You’ll find many things to do in town during your vacation. For travelers, backpackers, and adventure-seekers, the town is a haven that offers exciting activities in a relaxing ambience.
Island Hopping Tours
Island hopping is just one of the things to do in El Nido apart from diving and snorkeling. Riding a boat is the most convenient way to explore the islands surrounding the town.
Here are some information when taking an island hopping tour:

Boats for rent are licensed by the municipal tourism office. They only charge standard rates regardless of the number of passengers.
Boat rentals are readily available at the port. To make the most of your trip, think about alloting a full day for the activity. Depending on the type of island hopping tour you’ll choose, you may visit four to six sites in a day.
When planning to go diving, it’s important that you have a diving certification. You may also sign up for basic diving classes. You’ll find some diving schools on site such as Deep Blue Safari and Submariner Diving Center, where you can obtain a certification after completing their required sessions.

What is Cliff Climbing
El Nido is famous for its towering limestone rock formations surrounding El Nido Bay and Cadlao Island. This is one of the things to do in El Nido and a favorite activity of backpackers and rock climbers. You choose cliffs depending on the difficulty of the routes. An easy route has more foot and handholds. Experts in rock climbing can reach the top without harness and assistance of belayers. The Taraw cliff, located just a few minutes from El Nido Bay, is a stunning formation of sharp rocks. You need to secure a guide to ensure your safety while doing the activity.
Local Cuisine Indulgence
Another thing to do in El Nido is to try the local cuisine. You’ll never run out of restaurants to visit, regardless of the times you’ve been to town. You’ll find mouth-watering seafood recipes and other dishes.
You’ll find restaurants along the bay that serve all kinds of seafood dishes. Can’t last a day without your favorite Filipino food? There are many restaurants that have their unique versions of classic Filipino dishes and other pan-Asian food. For a relaxed ambiance, choose a restaurant by the bay with tables set out on the shore.
El Nido, Palawan has many things to offer to different types of tourists. Contact a reliable travel and tours company for travel options.

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