Portrait Painting Techniques – Painting Portraits From Photos

Portrait Painting Techniques – Painting Portraits From Photos Learning portrait painting techniques and how to paint portraits from photos is as easy as 1, 2, 3. I know this sounds cliche, but if you think of the progress of the painting as steps and build upon each step, it really is easy to paint portraits […]

MMA Strength and Conditioning

MMA Strength and Conditioning In the first couple of UFC’s, most fighters were completely one-dimensional, or with limited experience in more then one art, and MMA strength and conditioning wasn’t even really recognized. You had karate fighters against wrestlers, boxers against Brazilian jujitsu black belts, kickboxers against judo masters, and so on. Eventually the sport […]

Big Boss

Big Boss Big Boss is a celebrity game show that is the Indian adaptation of UK’s Big Brother. The show is a reality show where 13 celebrities had to live in the house of Big Boss for three months without television, radio, music players, newspaper, novels etc. under the scrutiny of cameras everywhere. Sounds interesting, […]