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Detest Math Try Mathematicia


Detest Math Try Mathematicia

Detest Math Try Mathematicia

The damage done to the kids through the abuse of tests of all sorts instilled in them a feeling of detest towards the subject. Children who have trouble with Mathematics at a young age can start loathing and dismiss the subject as something that they are not at all good at. However, if Math is depicted as something very approachable and fun, it will surely engage the kids and make it less frustrating for them.
Mathematicia, addresses this problem and provides a fun and creative solution to it. This is one of those rare mathematical puzzles that help your kids to explore and acquaint themselves with the fun of solving math problems. The basic problems of addition, subtraction, division and multiplication are showcased as puzzles in such an innovative way wherein you have to just drag the answer from a list of possible options to the correct calculation. Getting a few of them correct will let you advance to the next stage. The more correct answers you give the more advanced the level gets; a step by step approach to get your basics right. By presenting Math problems as games or puzzles, introduces the pupils to an activity involving fun and lateral thinking.
Apparently, this game is so much fun and challenging that your kids will start finding an excuse to play Mathematicia which is not only a game but also a learning tool. Developed by IndiaNIC LLC, a company committed to develop innovations for the iPhone, iPod Touch and the iPad, this game is now available on the Apple iTunes App store for download.
This application is indeed a must have for people whose kids fancy technology and dread numbers. They can play at their own level and gradually advance to more complex sets of math problems. ‘Learn with fun’ is the mantra here and once they get started with the game and master the initial levels, playing with numbers would be fun for them.
You can download the game and leave your reviews at the Apple iTunes store.
Download this Mathematicia from App Store ($1.99)

IndiaNIC LLC was founded in 1994 and is committed in bringing high-quality and easy to use games & application for the iPhone & iPod Touch. IndiaNIC LLC is a privately held company located in Raleigh NC USA and has two development centers in India.

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