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Hosta Plants – Just Another Pretty Green


Hosta Plants – Just Another Pretty Green

Hosta Plants – Just Another Pretty Green

Hosta plants? They’re those green plants, right? Well yes; however, hosta are so much more than just another pretty “green” in your garden.
From spring until frost, the various shades of green and blue and gold can provide a remarkable display in your garden. Let’s take a look at a few of the hosta varieties available.
Among those to be considered, you’ll want to be sure to check out ‘Great Expectations’. This hosta features extremely wide leaves with irregular margins of blue and green surrounding light yellowish cream centers. The leaves of ‘Great Expectations’ are round and puckered. This plant should be placed close by so you gather the most viewing pleasure available from its beauty.
Suppose you’d like even a bluer-green yet? Then quite possibly ‘Halcyon’ has what you’re looking for. A medium-sized mound of slug-resistant, oval-shaped foliage in a good blue color. An attractive show of pale bluish lavender flowers from late July to mid-August make ‘Halcyon’ truly a good blue-green choice of foliage for your garden.
Speaking of flowers…if it’s fragrant flowers you seek on your hosta, be sure to consider ‘Fragrant Bouquet’. A large white pleasantly fragrant flower combines with the bright apple-green foliage and irregular yellow margins to make for a truly remarkable plant. Add to this that ‘Fragrant Bouquet’ is a highly pest resistant, rapid grower that can prosper in consderable sun and you’re sure to tuck in one or two of these hosta among the flowers in your garden.
But you want even more than green, blue-green, and fragrant flowers from the hosta?
Well, how about a touch of bright red?
That’s right. ‘Cherry Berry’ a small rather non-descript mound of white-centered foliage exhibits a spectacular display when in flower. From late July to late August, the light purple flowers on ‘Cherry Berry’ can be seen growing on bright red scapes. The bright red scapes immediately catch the eye of even the most casual observer. The beautiful color contrast of the flowers, foliage, and scapes of ‘Cherry Berry’ make it a most interesting plant among the hosta varieties.
So, yes, while it is true that some hosta plants are green…it is also true that hosta are oh, so much more than just another pretty “green” in your garden.

Robin Monarch

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