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Hot Kissing Tips for Girls


Hot Kissing Tips for Girls

Hot Kissing Tips for Girls

Every girl wants to be a great kisser, and that goes even more so when they are an inexperienced kisser. There isn’t much that is worse than trying to kiss someone that you care about (or just dreaming of kissing someone that you haven’t kissed yet) and wondering how they will be when they kiss you. Will they be impressed and relaxed when they are kissing you or will it be a turnoff? That is why when I started writing the kissing tips for girls I got to thinking that it is probably best if you know what the guys really want out of a kiss. Here is what I came up with.
Most women tend to kiss out of emotion, and to invoke an emotional response, most guys are more into the passion part of the kiss. The result would still be the same, but it seems that the guys really want to feel the kiss differently than the girls do. When you go to kiss your guy then you should try to invoke more of a passionate response in him than an emotional response, the emotions will come along later. Another thing that you should do when you are kissing a guy is to tease just a little. The kiss is important but the moment that leads up into the kiss is equally as important. That is why you should make sure to linger before kissing, perhaps drawing out the moment for a bit before your lips meet, but not so long that it is uncomfortable.
There is another way to find out what your guy wants when it comes to kissing. Ask him what he wants. Most guys will not be too shy in letting you know what they want in a kiss, and if you follow their lead you can hardly go wrong.

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