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Slendertone Belt – 3 Solid Tips to Getting the Most Out of Your Slendertone Belt


Slendertone Belt – 3 Solid Tips to Getting the Most Out of Your Slendertone Belt

Slendertone Belt – 3 Solid Tips to Getting the Most Out of Your Slendertone Belt

Do you have a Slendertone Belt? If you do, and find you’re not getting the results you desire, before you go sending it back to the supplier for your money back, here are 3 solid tips that may increase the benefits of your Slendertone belt.
Before we get into it though, you need to consider that although the Slendertone belt has the endorsement of the FDA and many medical personal in the industry, it may not work for everybody. The reason being is that we all differ to some extent in our physiological makeup.
However, it is worth noting that it has worked for tens of thousands in delivering the kind of results we all want to see. When you consider the actual price of the Slendertone belt and the replacement gel pads, like me, you’ll definitely want to be seeing and feeling some significant results preferably before the 30 day money back guarantee period is over.
One last consideration before we plunge into it, like anything else when it comes to toning up, and contrary to many of the Slendertone reviews you’ll find out there, the Slendertone ab belt is not a magic bullet.
If you are overweight and believe that by using the Slendertone system you will miraculously lose your belly fat and gain a rippling six pack, then think again my friend. When it comes to losing weight and developing muscle tone, half the battle is in our mind-set. Our attitudes determine either a negative or a positive outcome, which brings us to our first tip:
Tip No.1 – Great Attitude or Great Accessory
It’s like the old cliche, which came first… the chicken or the egg? What we determine in our hearts and minds will manifest itself in our actions. The most effective accessory known to man will fall short if it goes unassisted by certain actions needed to get the most out of it.
In other words, don’t bother with the Slendertone belt if you aren’t going to contribute anything in the process. It’s a great accessory and there are thousands of folks testifying to its effectiveness, but unless you have the right attitude from the start, you have already inhibited its ability.
If for example, you are carrying too much belly fat, the Slendertone belt will only strengthen and tone the muscle under the fat. You will need to burn the fat off to expose your nicely toned abs beneath. This is where the second tip comes into play:
Tip No.2 – Don’t Expect Instant Results Unless You’re Willing to Work at it
The Slendertone system does promote visible results within 8 weeks providing you follow a regular exercise program and healthy diet. With the right attitude, exercise and dietary plan, the Slendertone belt is a fantastic accessory to help you reach your goals.
Also, be sure to use the ab belt regularly and as recommended. Don’t expect instant results unless you are following correct procedures.
Instant results as opposed to lasting results:
I can certainly emphasize with those who have followed all the correct procedures and have still unfortunately not experienced the desired results. Returning your Slendertone belt is an obvious decision in such circumstances.
However, just because the results haven’t come as soon as you had hoped or even within the specified 8 weeks, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you aren’t going to reach your goals at all. Allow me to explain from a layman’s perspective; EMS training is fundamentally like traditional weight resistance training. Muscles are placed under stress and damage is incurred. Given the right amount of rest, the muscle repairs itself stronger and/or larger (known as muscle hypertrophy) in order to cope with the kind of damage it received in the first place.
I think the key takeaway here is the right amount of rest and of course time. A body builder or olympian power-lifter doesn’t train non stop for a month and expect to see amazing results. They vary their workouts in intensity, regularity and the correct amount of rest mingled into the mix.
They make it a lifestyle choice and results are seen gradually over an extended period. What’s more, because it is a lifestyle, their results are lasting.
Now, if you follow these same principals, you will see results eventually and you will get the most out of your Slendertone belt.
Tip No.3 – Keep Your Slendertone Belt Clean and Stored Properly When Not in Use
Be sure to wipe your Slendertone belt down with a lint free cloth and fine mister after every session. Fold your belt up end over end and store in a dry low humidity cupboard until your next session.
The gel replacement pads are rather expensive to replace should you go through them quickly. Therefore, if you wipe them down carefully also and then store in their protective covers, they should last a lot longer. I would suggest wrapping them in a separate plastic bag as well. One last thing, avoid constantly removing and readjusting them, as the adhesive backing will become compromised.

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