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What Is A Fiber Optic Network


What Is A Fiber Optic Network

What Is A Fiber Optic Network

The majority of today’s telecommunication systems is run on a fiber optic network. This has been largely due to the fact that such networks are ideal for transferring information. The development in fiber optics has continued to improve considerably during the last decade, providing ever more benefits to their users.
In past years, these types of networks were virtually unheard of. The most popular system in those times was the electrical transmission system, which is still used today in some parts. Throughout the years it became increasingly evident that these systems were much more suited to a rapidly evolving world.
It does not take an expert scientist to understand just how the process works. An optical fiber is used to transmit a pulse of light from one place to another. An electromagnetic carrier wave is then modulated in order to use the light to transfer the information.
A transmitter is thus needed to create the signal before this is sent along the said cable. It is important to note that such networks also counteract any distortions to the signal, which would result in interference. Once the signal is received at the other end, it is converted into an electric signal.
The rapid development of the internet in recent years has brought about the need for new ways to transfer information. Naturally, the faster this process is done, the better for everyone. However, the amount of virtual traffic going around the world has also been steadily increasing, so these types of networks have become indispensable in transferring data efficiently and effectively.
Telephone companies have played the most vital part in the increasing reliance on fiber optics. In fact, a number of telecommunication companies realised that the future will depend on such cables and optical solutions rather than the old copper wires of that time. The possibility of monopolizing the market drove these companies to invest a lot in fiber optics.
Little by little, other smaller companies came to realize that these networks were indeed the future. Large companies started to lease these types of cables to smaller companies, so that the market started to take off.
Companies which deal in the provision and setting up of such networks are commonly referred to as fiber providers. Their role has naturally become increasingly important, on a par with the importance of new technology. The growing need for faster internet connections and speedier downloads and uploads continued to ensure the growth of these types of networks.
In the educational sphere, fiber networks have also been an immediate success. One has to realize that nowadays education is becoming increasingly reliant on technology, so computers are playing a chief role in schools. Universities all around the world employ such networks to transfer educational matter between students and lecturers, as well as between the students themselves.
There is no doubt that these types of networks will continue to shape the near future as regards the transfer of information. More and more governments, companies and educational institutions are investing in fiber optic infrastructure since it is clear that right now there is no better alternative in the field.

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